What's Inspected

A professional home inspection from Home Inspction Carolina is a comprehensive visual inspection of the home and its systems. It is important to remember that we are not inspecting for cosmetic defects, although they will sometimes be noted as a courtesy or because they indicate other problems.

We will begin the inspection by carefully examining the exterior of the home. The foundation and grading around the foundation are checked. Then the walls, trim, gutters and eves are examined. Windows, exterior doors, lights, exterior faucets and electrical outlets are inspected. Next the roof and all of its components are inspected. We make every effort to walk the roofs we inspect. However, some roofs may be inspected from the ground or roof edge on a ladder with binoculars if they are too high or steep to safely walk.
Leaky Roof found on a Charlotte Home Inspection

After inspecting the exterior, we will move inside. We will move through the home in a logical orderly manner inspecting ceilings, walls, floors, doors, windows, electrical outlets, lights, and switches. Plumbing components will be tested in all baths and the kitchen. In the kitchen, we will inspect all built-in appliances for normal operation. The attic and crawlspace, if present and accessible, are then entered and thoroughly inspected.A drain line that has a negative slope and cut floor joist found on a Charlotte Home Inspection

After the general interior inspection is completed, Our inspector will begin an exhaustive inspection of the different major systems of the home. These systems include the heating and air conditioning systems, the water heater, the electrical service, and pool equipment (if present).

We want you to be present and an active participant in the inspection. An inspection is a great opportunity for you to learn about your home and its systems. We encourage you to ask questions. We will do our best to explain problems or answer any questions in a clear, informative manner.

Above all, at Home Inspection Carolina we promise to keep things in perspective. Remember all homes, even newly constructed homes, have defects. But the vast majority of the time, the good of a home far outweighs the problems. We will help you identify the positive points of the home as well as the items that need attention.

A typical inspection lasts around two to three hours, varying depending on the size of the house and the number of systems included in the inspection.